Design with meaning

"As a graphic designer I feel it's a must to use my skills for improving communication as well as contributing to a good cause."

What I'm working on

For over 15 years I've been working as a freelance designer on a broad spectrum of assignments in the field of identity-, book- ui/ux-design and copywriting. Nowadays I'm focussing on projects in which I can also make a difference for a greater good. Subjects like healthy eating, animal welfare and environmental sustainability are particularly dear to my heart. For my latest project I teamed up with a dietician to develop the book Porties in zicht. A very easy to use tool for practitioners to help their clients towards healthier eating habits.


Willem de Kooning
Art Academy (kunstacademie)

Rotterdam, 2 0 0 5   -   2 0 0 9
  Direction: Visual Communication  

Grafisch Lyceum

Rotterdam, 1 9 9 9   -   2 0 0 3
  Direction: Multimedia Design  

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